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Spaces designed just for you.
Designing Your Space
One of the most difficult processes of your kitchen or bath project is designing the space. Between the unlimited possibilities of cabinetry, countertops, tile, flooring and wall colors, it's easy to become overwhelmed.  We combine our design experience with the latest technology to enable anyone to fully visualize their project.  Virtual walk-throughs, detailed diagrams and multiple perspectives help bring your vision to life.  These design services are included with every cabinetry purchase.
The image to the right is a typical layout created by cdk Cabinets.  

Fully detailed with dimensions and notes. 

Separate installation diagrams are also provided and include additional details to ensure the design can be installed as intended.  For more complex projects, cdk will meet on site with your installer.

Using a link provided by cdk Cabinets, clients can access their project via a virtual walk through program (shown right) which allows them to not only view their space from any vantage point, but also change wall color, flooring and other design details.

Our thoughtful collaboration becomes an amazing space...

Designed just for you.